Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Cleanup

Our town is doing spring cleanup tomorrow . . . yay, the couch that has been sitting in front of our house for two months will be gone!  John and I have been joking about entering a "Most White Trash Front Yard" contest, but I suppose we would have needed more than just a couch . . . maybe a car on cinder blocks, or something dangerous like barbed wire, or maybe a tire and some brush.  Oh, that's right, we did add the tire, brush, and a mattress box spring!  At any rate, our house will have some added curb appeal tomorrow after all of our crap gets hauled away.

And so in honor of sorting thru all of our stuff, I decided to sort thru some pictures of the last couple months and put a few of the survivors in a blog post . . . enjoy!



"Mama, don't come in yet! . . . . Go get the camera!"

Still working on consistency with "please."


Not much that the Snuggler enjoys more than cuddling with her brother.


Oy.  This is what happens when I leave the room for two minutes to put Jude down for a nap.





Jude having "eggs and toast" like his sister . . . hard boiled egg yolk and cheerios.
This boy will eat anything I put in front of him, what a chow hound!


The new tire swing we put up a couple weekends ago, along with our hammock.



Outdoor cuddle time!



The Frosts said...

No if you were white trash it would all just be in your yard...not on the curb to get rid of! Love the new that styling outfit and hat a Bradley hand me down???

Joanna said...

How about adding a toilet with flowers planted in the bowl and tank...

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