Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charlotte's Web

It has been a little while since I have posted, but we have been very busy getting adjusted to the new addition to the Libby household.  New addition, you ask?  Yes, Sophia has finished pottytraining, and several Saturdays ago she and I took a trip to Walmart to get her new babydoll!


I was a little worried about what the baby's name might turn out to be (As you may remember, Hard Boiled Egg was in the running.), but once Sophia saw her face she knew just the perfect name.  Charlotte's  Web.  (She is a little bit influenced by our current reading . . . better than Hard Boiled Egg!)  Charlotte comes from the Baby Alive line, and was Sophia's instant favorite at the store.  No crying baby for the Snuggler, those ones creeped her right out.  And the soft bodied once were old news . . . been there, done that, it seems.  No, only this Baby Alive dolly would do.


Charlotte is what the nurses at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital call an "FLK," or, for those not versed in medicalese, "Funny Looking Kid."  She has hard plastic blonde curls, huge staring blue eyes, and a gaping mouth (the better to feed her with).  I tried to convince Sophia that a cuter doll would be better (without actually sounding completely superficial), but she would have none of it.  So the gaping FLK came home with us, and has been Sophia's constant companion ever since.


Charlotte actually came with dehydrated food that you are supposed to mix with water and feed her, but we are not going to be doing that.  Sophia is blissfully unaware that Charlotte has special eating skills, and it's going to stay that way.  I already have to change Jude's diaper, and don't really want to have to change a green goopy doll diaper too.  Blech.  Really, Baby Alive people?  You have to include peas as the baby food?  I might consider applesauce or pears . . . mmm, no, not even then.


The day Charlotte arrived we took a walk to Pettingill Park around the corner, and lo and behold, Sophia can walk that far!  Without whining, I mean.  She just needs a baby stroller to push.  Then she runs down the road, stroller careening wildly with Charlotte in danger of spilling out at any moment.  The Snuggler then proceeded to introduce her baby to everyone at the park, inducing lots of "Aw, isn't she so cute!" . . . not sure if they were referring to Sophia or Charlotte.


 After playing for an hour or so (including shoving Charlotte down the slide in front of her), it was time to head home.  The tired new mama settled in next to her brother for the ride, making sure Charlotte was tucked in too.


Now when we head out on errands, there is much discussion around whether or not Charlotte should come along.  Usually Charlotte is tired and wants to be tucked in for a nap at home.  I'm waiting for the day that Sophia figures out that you don't really leave babies by themselves at home for naps.  But if Charlotte comes along, usually her diaper bag has to come too.  Which would be fine, but I'm not a fan of having to prepare TWO diaper bags before we leave the house.  Because Charlotte needs her diapers, bottle, bowl, spoon, blanket, and any random toys that Sophia decides are crucial at that moment.  No thanks!


The best part about Charlotte is that anytime Sophia is feeling reluctant to go potty I just have to say "Remember you got to have Charlotte because you are such a big girl?  So let's go potty!"  Using that technique we have weaned off of treats completely, and even stay in underwear to go to friend's houses, church, and errands.  Hooray!  Welcome, Charlotte!


(Not sure why I'm Puffy Prednisone Lady in this pic, but Sophia's cute!  And there's the FLK.)

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