Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The one with the hair(cut)

A few weeks ago, my 2-year old niece took scissors in hand and gave herself her first haircut.  Thankfully, my daughter has made it to 3 without ever being so naughty, so I gave myself a little mental pat on the back, snickered a little, and continued to think nothing of letting Sophia use her scissors to make "projects."  She does love a good project . . . like mother, like daughter!

Well, I have had my come-upance.

This morning she was working quietly (first clue) on a project in the dining room, and had stopped calling me to come in every 2 seconds to see what she was doing.  So I said "yay, I can get stuff done" and didn't check on her.  Why would I?  My little peanut would never do something so naughty as cut her own hair.



Sophia wandered into the kitchen wearing a shy, and slightly guilty looking, smile, and sporting a little jagged bang across her forehead.


Neither John nor I are such huge fans of bangs, so have never cut one on the Snuggler.  Suffice it to say, she'll have bangs for a while before they grow out.

What's that they say?  Pride goeth before a fall?

Said scissors have been commandeered by Mama for the forseeable future.  And now I'm off to go do a little even up on my peanut's hair.


1 comment:

The Frosts said...

I can't help but laugh....but I better hold back b/c I'm sure its in my future too!!! She is too cute!

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