Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living room reboot

Finally time for another installment of Libby home improvements, the living room reveal!  Well, sort of.  You will notice that my photos (all two of them) are taken from a very strategic angle.  It's the I'm-avoiding-getting-any-pics-of-the-two-sick-kid's-crap-all-over-the-floor angle.

Just re-read that.  Let me be clear: there is no poop on my living room floor, just giant piles of uncleaned up toys, John's bedding from the couch because Sophia has been sleeping with me in our bed, and general dishevelment of the entire house.

But because there is no better time than when one child can't breathe and the other has hand-foot-mouth disease for a little home decorating (though I could be wrong on that one), I finally whipped up the final pillows for the living room couch and shot a couple pics.  I was going to wait for the "reveal" until I had made the burlap curtains I have been planning on, but as it seems that it might be 2014 before I get to them, I decided to go ahead.

Remember the purple living room?


Well, three coats of Benjamin Moore's North Shore Green (456) later, a $125 craigslist sofa and $150 8x11 rug from, a little rearranging and pillow sewing (thank you, Fabric Warehouse, I love you!), and voila!



So, just goes to show, you really can get a whole room makeover for just about $300.  The art and sea shells on the bookshelf were up in a bedroom, and the bookshelf itself was just moved from one side of the room to the other.  The big splurges were the couch and rug, while other costs were a gallon of paint and fabric from Fabric Warehouse.

All the fabric for the pillows?  Five dollars.  I covered the (hideous) big pillows that came with the couch in the yellow geometric fabric, and the red pillows I had in the blue and yellow floral-ish one.  The fabric choices aren't super practical, so I put in invisible zippers and can throw the covers in the wash.


And if any of you are wondering about my big photo wall?  I have plans for those pictures, plans that include even getting a few of Jude up there!  It'll be in a new location, but that is a post for another day . . . lots of painting to do first!

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