Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A long long time ago, pre-children, when John and I used to hang out in bookstores for hours just because, I found this book.  It was hysterically funny, at least I thought it was, and even though I am not one to remember titles, I remember the title of this one.


I cannot say loudly enough, I am NOT recommending this book.  As I recall, it did have quite the language . . . 'nuff said on that front.  But the premise was that it was a collection of ads from Etsy that people had actually posted and were trying to sell at one point or another.  What struck me the most was that there were a LOT of people out there knitting/crocheting items whose only use would be for a (very granola) midwife to use to explain the anatomy of childbirth or how to breastfeed.  Who knew.

And that was my introduction to way back when, before everyone and their mother had a store on it.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered a year or two ago that there is actually cool stuff for sale on etsy.  

Like this print for sale in my aunt's store . . .


Or these banners for sale at a friend's store . . . 


Or now, after fielding questions about this skirt at Walmart, church, the apple orchard, and a neighbor's yard sale . . . 


. . .you can find a couple copies for sale at MY etsy store!  (Check it out at  I am testing the waters with purple and pink multicolor versions, in sizes from 2T to 4T.


Cute little models, eh?!

That's right, I have joined the throngs, and should my foray into etsyland prove fruitful, there will be more to come.  Perhaps a couple of duplicate throw pillows to those I make for my living room.  Or copies of the sand dollar art I made for the Quiet Room redo . . . 

At any rate, the etsy world has arrived in Libbyland, and I will keep ya'll apprised of my happenings!


amber said...

can I hire you for pillow covers??!?!

Laurel said...


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