Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tea for two . . . or three or four

In the midst of a crazy (and sometimes downright unpleasant . . . root canal, anyone?!) month, John and I have been trying to be mindful of, and grateful for, the quiet little moments of joy.  I have finally been reading the book "A Thousand Gifts" that a friend loaned me several years ago . . . oh to have read it sooner!  Cultivating a life of gratitude requires more purposefulness than I might have thought . . .


Last week I sat down for half an hour to have a tea party with the kids.  I'll be honest . . . I'm not a huge "tea party with the kids" kind of mama.  It's more a sacrifice out of love when I sit down for a tea party . . .  I've been enjoying these kinds of activities more as Sophia has gotten a bit older and we have actual conversations, but still not always #1 on my list of top ways to spend my time.  She loves it, though, and I found to my surprise that this time I did too. 


I enjoyed watching Sophia pour tea with a minimum of spillage (when did she get so good at that?!), and help Bunny "eat."



Jude thought having a tea party was the best thing since sliced bread . . . a big boy cup?!  Wow, what fun!  He was soooo proud of himself.


It was gratifying, and a little humbling, to watch Sophia serve her little brother, making sure he had plenty of tea and milk, and wiping up any spills he had.


A wonderful way to spend a few minutes in a week that started off with such chaos.  I'm thinking we may have to plan for more frequent picnics this spring and summer . . . I think that will probably be right up their alley!

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Jennifer Frost said...

OOoooh I'm so glad you are reading it and enjoying it! Ahhhhh went to make your famous cottage cheese pancakes this morning only to come up with "no results" on your blog....alas can you email it to me and I'll mail you your black hat in return ;) I will pin it :)

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