Friday, April 5, 2013

Porch mini-makeover

For those of you who may not have been to my house, we have a teensy tiny entry way that measures 4' x 6', just big enough to take your shoes off and not much else.  Our shoe and coat storage is in a small kitchen closet, but there isn't any room for big shoes, like boots.  So our little entry ends up getting clogged with lots and lots of shoes and boots, until you can't open the door anymore.  Purge and repeat.

This week I decided enough was enough.  Both of the kids and I have awesome new rain boots from Mardens, but when you add those to the entry way pile it's just out of control.  What's a type A that hates to clean to do?

Time to claim some real estate on the front porch!  Our porch has been a pretty useless space the four years we have owned the house.  It ends up turning into a catchall for shovels and sacks of salt in the winter, and piles of bubbles and sidewalk chalk come summer.

See?  This is the winter catchall version.



I decided that I was okay with storing a few things outside, starting with our rain boots, because we were already dropping them at the door so as to not clutter the entry.  They were not expensive, so I would only be bummed and not devastated if they disappeared overnight sometime.  Okay, honestly I would be pissed if mine disappeared, I really love them, and have wanted cute rainboots pretty much my whole life.  But for the sake of sanity, outside they go.

Also to be stored outside .  . . the sidewalk chalk and bubbles, and our little cheapo umbrella stroller that was made for someone 4'11" or shorter.  Just storing those few items outside would cut down on clutter inside considerably.

Today Jude and I made a quick trip to Lowe's for some spray paint, and $8 later I had a new (useful) porch!


John and I have a plethora of apple crates lying around, so I spraypainted three of them dark blue and stacked them for storage.  There is a nice little niche for my boots and the stroller (no more tipped over stroller!).  I already had the bubbles stored in that bin, it was just in a super inconvenient location in a cabinet over the kitchen sink.

Big improvement over the stroller lying down on the floor, boots everywhere, and chalk and bubbles who-knows-where! 


Of course, we need somewhere to sit down and take off rainboots, so I pulled the bench off the back deck where it was pulling "coffee table" duty, and brought the runner up from the basement.  When the stores get in more of an assortment of outdoor rugs I'll pick up a small one, but for right now this will do.  I also have plans to sand and whitewash the bench, but that's a bit in the future . . . when it has had a chance to thoroughly dry out from being on the back deck all winter.  Whoops!


Hooray!  Not bad for $8 . . . a much more functional space.  Now Sophia can come get her chalk and bubbles anytime she wants while playing outside, and put them away easily on her way back inside.  Plus no more muddy boots inside . . . this mama had to vacuum various rooms four times this week, which is about three and a half times too many.  You all know how much I like to vacuum . . .

There are many more spring projects in the works, with many more blog posts of all the projects to come.  What projects are you getting going with these days?

Happy Spring!

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