Monday, April 1, 2013

Family photo and a giveaway

A post about looking foolish is good for April Fools Day, right?


Every once in a while, I decide that it would be a nice idea to take a family photo.  This brainstorm usually coincides with a major holiday, when we tend to be looking our best, instead of generally disheveled.  Yesterday being Easter, I decided it was about that time again.  It had been just long enough (since Thanksgiving) to get a little amnesia about how picture time goes with 3 1/2 and (more importantly) 1 1/2 year old kids.


We gathered on my parent's couch, and my mom grabbed the teddy bear with which to entertain the kids.  She started up a little teddy ventriloquism act, and we started smiling as my dad started clicking away with the camera.  Or some of us started smiling.  Others were intermittently crying, climbing off my lap, and being generally unhappy about the process.  "Others" being Jude.  The kid is not all about having his picture taken.


Then, in trying to be helpful, John started talking back to the teddy bear . . . carrying on a conversation, in the vain attempt to cheer up the grouchy Jude.  Which worked ok, except then we have cheerful Jude and John's lips moving.  Oy.


Photo shoot over, I take a peek . . . . grrr!


The kids and I are all looking at the teddy bear, and John is looking at the camera!  Usually a good thing to look at the camera in a posed shot, right?  Any other time, yes.  Yesterday it equalled having to wrangle the kid again.  We got about two more shots before the Judemeister decided he was unequivocally done.


(Looking crazed much, Laurel?!)

So there you have it.  The semi-annual, whenever-we-get-around-to-it Libby family portrait.  Which of these would you choose to hang on your wall?!  Exactly.  Sticking with the candids.



And now, a giveaway!  For real, not April Fools.  Blue Garnet Designs, you have won a set of four cloth napkins made by yours truly!  Just let me know which color option you would like, and message me your address.  I will ship them out to you just as soon as I have access to a working car . . .

Want to be sure you are included in next month's giveaway?  You can follow my blog via your google account, or "like" Ad Libs on facebook.  If you do both you'll get two entries!



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