Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cracking up

Cracking up . . . in a good way! Sophia makes me laugh so many times a day, I just wanted to share a few.

That said, pre-Sophia I used to get so bored listening to parents go on and on about the cute/funny/adorable/etc things that their kid had done. I would stiffle a yawn and think "Enough already! So Timmy poops on the potty/has a cute lisp/is in the 90th percentile. Can we talk about anything but your kid now?!"

If that describes you, please feel free to skip reading this post and I will not be offended. Because this post is pretty much about how adorable I think my kid is. And if you don't have a kid to tell anecdotes back about, I don't want to bore you.


Today was supposed to be a quiet day in the Libby household. John headed off to work, and Sophia and I were going to hang about the house, cleaning and getting things done, and then generally lazing about. Definitely a needed day, after several weeks of being out and about every morning with one thing or another.

8:45 comes around and I walk into the kitchen to find Sophia digging around in her diaper bag in the kitchen closet . . . the closet where we keep all of our coats and shoes and anything else you need to "go bye-bye." She knows she isn't supposed to play in that closet, so startled big time when I came in. I picked her up and went to put things back and close the closet when all heck broke loose. Sophia started screaming and crying, "go bye-bye" and variations thereof, reaching for the closet.

So much for our quiet day at home! I asked her if she would like to go bye-bye, and with pathetic tears streaming down her face she nodded and said "yeah."


10 a.m. found us at the library, where Mommy found a stash of new books and we picked out three for the Snuggler. Sophia actually has her own library card at 18 months. (Does that mean she has to pay the fine if they are late?!) Best part about the library? The cafe downstairs! We checked out our books and headed down to cuddle up in the seat by the window with some hot (made lukewarm so she can drink it with a straw, thanks cafe guy!) chocolate and a muffin.

Back home in time to vacuum the house and fix lunch for the Snuggler, now she is up in bed. Ahhhh!

Good think I have some errands to do this afternoon, as it seems Sophia prefers to be out and about to being at home!


Sophia woke up just as John and I were going to bed the other night, so we brought her into our bed to visit as we sometimes do. She goes right back to sleep in her own bed without a fuss, so no harm done!

She was in a pretty goofy mood, climbing all over (in the dark, no less) and saying who-knows-what in her cute little gibberish. John asked her what a cow says, and she said "moo!" and then was off and running. As she climbed all over us, and flopped down, then climbed again, she started saying all of her animal noises in quick succession, no prompting from us, very loudly: "MOO, BAA, MEIOU, RUFF, PPPTTTHHH (camel spitting), GRRR . . . " finally ending with a final flop down on the bed and a combo of cow and sheep: "BOO BOOO BOO BOOOOO BOO . . . "

A fun end to the night; Sophia headed back to bed and John and I chuckled while repeating "boo boo boo" until we finally drifted off to sleep.


So glad we have a good washer that thoroughly cleans the laundry. It's nice not to have doubts about cleanliness when your 18-month old insists on "helping" fold the laundry by wearing her father's underwear (without getting into specifics on boxer or brief!) on her head. And not just like a little hat on her head. No. Like a full face mask, peeking out of a leg while walking around the house making goofy noises. Then I just hope I find them all from wherever she takes them off . . .


We have been talking about the new baby coming with Sophia, and I always wonder if she gets it at all. She is actually pretty cute about it, she pats my tummy and gives it kisses goodnight.

Sophia has a baby doll that she carries with her everywhere, so when we went to the doctor's office of course baby doll came too. Sophia and baby doll were sitting up on the table and I was standing next to it while we waited for the doctor to come in, and she was nearing meltdown. Diversionary tactic . . . I asked her "Where's baby?"

It worked, tears stopped and Sophia immediately went for baby . . . picking my shirt right up!

I guess she is getting it, and now we specify "baby" or "baby doll."


Sophia loves her cousin Zuzu. She always says her name when she sees her in pictures, and gets so excited when she knows she is going to get to see Zuzu. What I hadn't realized until last week is that she calls ALL of her Tripp cousins Zuzu.

Reuben (10 year old cousin) came over to borrow something, and I had told Sophia that he was coming. She waited by the door, and when he came in she pronounced loudly "ZUZU! ZUZU! ZUZU!" No amount of correction could convince her that he was really Reuben.

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Anonymous said...

Come on holding out on us.
I want to see a video of the "ninja warrior maiden" skulking around the house with her special mask on!


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