Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Queen of peanut butter

I am sitting in the living room as I write this, praying that when I walk back into the dining room there won't be oatmeal all over the walls and floor, but in the Snuggler's tummy instead.

Sophia has been a sad bambino for about a week now with her latest asthma exacerbation, which turned nasty a few days ago when she also caught a cold. It has involved a trip to the ED, extra naps, lots of night waking for treatments, and not much eating. Eating leads to coughing which leads to puking, not fun.

In the midst of all this Sophia has also gotten to watch "Blue's Clues" a little more frequently than I would normally allow. Meaning, whenever I am at my wits end.

We come to this morning now, and the sitting in the living room.

I sat Sophia in her high chair and prepared her morning oatmeal. Plain instant with homemade peach jam. She eats it every day, sick or well, it goes down great!

Except that Sophia has decided, since being sick this time, that a full and balanced meal should consist of spoonfuls of peanut butter, and only peanut butter. Not peanut butter on bread, as I attempted last night. Not mixing peanut butter in the oatmeal, as I did this morning. (I should add that the oatmeal and pb has been VERY popular in the past. But apparently not now.)

No, as soon as the Snuggler was in her high chair she made it clear to me that she wanted to watch "Buesh" and eat peanut butter. And nothing else would do. So I finally left the oatmeal on her tray, grabbed the computer (which is what she watches "Buesh" on) and got out. The crying gradually stopped, and hopefully the eating began.

We shall see. Here I go to get the Grubblet!


Addendum: Went back in after 15 minutes, thumb in mouth, oatmeal untouched. Off to the doctor's office we went, and when we got back the Munchkin was hungry enough that she ate half. Of course, then I gave her medicine (to be taken with food!) and she hated it so much she refused to eat any more food. Ah well.

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Anonymous said...

I think you should set up a webcam so we can peek at Sofia while you are out of the room!


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