Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Second time around

Some say, and have to I agree, that the book "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" (henceforth referred to as WTEWYAE) is a tad bit alarmist. When I was pregnant with Sophia, though? That book was my pregnancy bible! It lived on top of the toilet tank, and trips to the bathroom usually took a ridiculous amount of time as I flipped thru looking up this symptom or that no-no.

I followed all the WTEWYAE rules the first time thru. I avoided raw cookie dough and deli meat as though they were the plague. I didn't drink tea, because what if all the ingredients weren't listed and there was some strange herb that put me into labor too early? I had a checklist of what I needed to eat every day for optimal nutrition (Optimal nutrition = good, but a checklist? Really?!) I got my five days of exercise in, by hook or by crook! Heaven forbid I forgot to take my prenatal vitamin . . . I would stress about it until I could get home to gulp that sucker down. My sister-in-law figured I was pregnant before we told anyone because I avoided caffeine like the plague.

Second time around?


Our Christmas Eve dinner is deli sandwiches, tomato soup, and egg nog (the real deal, raw eggs and all!) with dessert. I enjoyed every bite of that roast beef sandwich, and the egg nog? Delish!

Actually, much of my "cheating" seems to be related to eggs. They're everywhere! Can I help it one of my favorite breakfasts is eggs over easy? Or that there are eggs in cookie dough? Do you really think this pregnant lady can resist a little spoonful of chocolatey chip delicousness when making cookies?

Again, I say "Ha!"

As for caffeine, I work one 12-hour night shift per week, and my trip to Starbucks for a latte is a necessity to start my night off well and keep me going at 3 a.m. I did mention it to my midwife, and actually got the ok, before you are too appalled.

Nutrition. Let's see, pepperoni english muffin pizzas have it all, right? Dairy, for calcium and protein. Pepperoni, protein. English muffins, carbs. Sauce, vegetables. An apple for dessert and you're all balanced! (Who am I kidding? An apple for dessert when there are cookies in the house?!)

Exercise. I think I am doing pretty well here. I actually do drag my butt out of bed before the crack of dawn on weekdays to go run at the gym. I was running outside, but John nipped that one pretty quick after I had a fall on the ice. Of course, five days a week like last pregnancy? Not happening. But I think three is pretty good, and I supplement by going up and down stairs carrying a 21-pound kid a bazillion times a day. Good 'nuff.

I looked back at belly pictures of me pregnant with Sophia and have decided two things. One, never to look back at those pictures during subsequent pregnancies ever again (as I already look a month further along this time around). Two, I hope this child doesn't feel less loved, but we are NOT doing belly pics with number 2. John brought it up the other day and was almost the victim of homicide.


Haven't cracked it open yet as of 16-weeks along and haven't died yet. The fact is, this time around I am just too TIRED to obsess all day about whether I am being a model pregnant lady or not. Of course, the kid could turn out to have two heads, so don't take my slacking as your example if you should happen to be in a pregnant state.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed sushi with Noah...just sayin'! -Meagan

Joanna Spotts said...

I hate eggs, but I ate them almost every day with Bradley. I wanted them for the omega 3.

Anonymous said...

Laurel said:

"but we are NOT doing belly pics with number 2. John brought it up the other day and was almost the victim of homicide."


Poor John =(


Beth said...

I want to see belly pics. Don't kill me. You might be sad you didn't do them, when you look back. I'm sad that I didn't do as many with Matt as I did with Ben. Maybe just one a month? And you're already four months down, there'd only be a few more... c'mon, Laurel, c'mon! :) :)

I was/am so impressed at how much you did/are run[ning]. Running is such a discipline, and to do it while pregnant? Nauseated pregnant, even? You're a saint.

I never finished WTEWYAE. I casually admitted that to my midwife and she said, "I hate that book." Ha! So I was glad to hear that. :) I don't think I really avoided anything either time. Ignorance is (was) bliss. I did try to cut back on tuna fish - the only thing the hospital cafeteria did well, back in the day.

Love to you!

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