Thursday, February 17, 2011

All things Snuggler . . . and a baby belly

He's Home!

Sophia gets so excited about anyone coming over, but especially when she knows her Dada is coming home. She waits by the window, or runs to the door to see if he is here yet. And as soon as he is home, it's playtime, right?!



I'm not sure that we have named this game yet, except maybe "The Claw." Sophia loves to wear other people's gloves, and the bigger the better. So Dada's are perfect!


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day came early this year. John, Sophia, and I all went on an outing the Sunday before (a week and a day before!) Valentine's Day. One stop was JoAnn's, which John was a very good sport about.

I was up at the cash register with Sophia, paying for a package of buttons when John came up to us. "Do you think $2.50 is a good price for a tiara?" he asked me. I told him I thought that seemed reasonable, and he brought up a little silver plastic tiara with pink feathers and gems encrusted upon it. "For Valentine's Day" he told me.

We headed home and John disappeared into the den. He came out very excited with a little package all wrapped up. "Do you think she should open it in here (dining room) or the living room?" Um. Well. I guess the living room . . . let me get my camera!


Also important to mention, that Sunday marked the first occasion that Sophia tolerated a barrette in her hair! Now to make it a habit . . . but back to the tiara!

Sophia was one delighted little girl when she opened her present and saw what was inside.


We took a trip up to the bathroom so she could really admire herself with her grand tiara!


The addition of a tutu and this little princess was ready to get back to the business of playing.
Nativity time!




Sophia wakes up from her afternoon nap in one of two moods: very happy or VERY grouchy. When grouchy seems to be winning out, my only hope is that snacktime will turn things around. And with yogurt, "fish," and clementines on the menu, who can stay grumpy?!



Time for Tea

Sophia received a beautiful little tea set for Christmas, and we finally had our first tea party the other day! I brewed a little pot of mint tea with lots of honey, and we ended up not even getting out the fig newtons because the tea seemed to be so much fun!





Peanut Butter

If ya'll have read my most recent posts, you know all about my kiddo's fixation with peanut butter. Look at the joy on her face when devouring giant lumps of sticky peanutty wonder! (Note also the plate of tuna noodle casserole, previously gobbled down happily, now completely ignored. Hmmph.)



Big Girl

Sophia has been declaring her independence in many ways these days, and the most recent is her refusal to get dressed in the morning. I bring her downstairs in the previous night's onesie and socks and wait for her to get cold enough to put on clothes. It takes a while. Easier than forcing her to dress on the changing table while she writhes and screams, though!

Today I decided to try something different. While still on the changing table, I asked if she would like to pick out her own clothes. When she answered in the affirmative, we headed over to the dresser, where she chose pants and shoes out of their drawers. We then went to pick out a shirt from the closet.

There I attempted to steer her toward a certain color section. (Yes, I have her closet arranged as mine is, by color.) No go. She had her heart set on a certain shirt that she was very excited about, and the whole outfit ended up matching well.

We did still bring it all downstairs and take our time dressing. Sophia helped put her pants on her legs and pull them up while standing, and put her arms in her shirt sleeves!




My only problem with the outfit is that the pants she chose are sort of her back-up jeans to her back-up jeans, because they have an elastic waist and tapered legs . . . totally mom jeans. So, my one and a half year old is wearing mom jeans. Pretty cute on her, though, huh?



I have to point out the shoes . . . $7 Laura Ashley from TJ Maxx!

Baby Belly

And now, due to public outcry, John took the first belly picture of me this time around. With Sophia I knew how far along to the day each picture was . . . best guess here is 17ish weeks.

Here you go, folks!



Beth said...

I love this whole post! I love her glee about the tiara ...I LOVE the one of her checking herself out in the mirror! The pic of her with the palm tree, where she has her serious playface on, love her clear pride at having chosen her own outfit... I know I loved some in the middle there, too, but I can't remember at the moment. :) I LOVED YOUR BELLY SHOT, TOO! :) You are lovely and tiny and look healthy and great. :)

Laurel said...

Aw, thanks, Beth! You are such an encourager!

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