Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The latest

Since so many people are wondering about Sophia and her health issues, I figured I would spell it out in a blog post, rather than a facebook update. But, this blog is not going to turn into a "Sophia's health" blog! One time deal here.

We have decided on a new pediatrician as of today. We saw her once before and really liked her, so made it official when we saw her today. She takes much more time, looks at you and listens (huh!), and really wants to get to the bottom of Sophia's asthma. The best part is that I didn't leave the office feeling like a bad parent!

Sophia has had to have oral steroids for her asthma three times this winter, which is way too many for anyone, let alone for her age. The new doctor has a plan to get to the bottom of it, and thinks perhaps it has multiple causes and we are missing one.

Yes, in answer to one question she has been tested for gluten allergy and it was negative. In the next little while we are going to be seeing the pulmunologist, GI, an allergist, and a nutritionist. We are also going to have more frequent follow ups with the pediatrician to monitor the changes she made today. Sophia is going to have her steroid inhaler dose increased and start on a medication for reflux because of her history of vomiting. I did not know this, but reflux can be a cause for asthma, so could be playing a part.

That about rounds out the picture for now. I am hopeful that we are going to have some answers with this new doctor, and we appreciate your prayers in that direction!

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