Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet girl

Sophia has been healthy for a couple of weeks now, and has energy like I have never seen before! I don't know if it is the changes to her medications or what, but she is like a new kid. She runs around the house chattering away, saying who knows what, and playing with gusto. I love it! I love seeing her so happy and healthy, and am reveling in it all.

As crazy as she can be, she is still our sweet little Sophia who likes to cuddle in my arms before bed, and I love that too. Last night John and I heard her cry out, just once, but it was a good enough excuse to go get her and bring her into our bed. She woke up a little, but cuddled in sucking her thumb and fell right back to sleep. I was holding her close to me, with her feet on my belly, and just then the baby started moving. I stayed awake holding Sophia and feeling the baby kick his/her sister.

Sophia loves dogs so much, it is precious but also sad. We were driving home the other day, and I was attempting to keep her awake while she was trying to fall asleep, when I saw a golden retriever sticking his head out of the car next to us. We stayed right next to that car as long as I could, driving into Auburn. I'm sure the other drivers behind us were furious with me, but Sophia was waving and saying "hi" for all she was worth. We finally had to turn off, and Sophia said "bye bye" and waved one last time.

Later we were at the WalMart gas station and the driver in the pickup next to us was holding the ugliest pug ever while his wife filled the tank. Sophia was enthralled, and just broke down crying when they drove away. As much as I am not a dog person, if we could erase her dog allergy I would get her one in a heartbeat.

And today.

Today at naptime Sophia got her leg stuck between the bars of her crib, and I had to come in and rescue her. I actually had a hard time getting her leg back out, and it was all very traumatic for both mama and bambino. I held her for a little bit, then we cuddled under a blanket and I read her a story before putting her back to bed. Tucked her back in with teddy and blankie, and said goodnight as I headed out and closed the door.

It didn't take long before I heard her crying, and hard hearted mama that I am I ignored it. It wasn't I-have-my-leg-stuck-again crying, but just a mild protest.

Then she started saying "baby." Over and over again, while crying. I couldn't ignore that. I headed downstairs to find baby doll and take it up to her. I opened the door to see her sitting at the end of her crib, back to me, despondently slumped over crying and quietly saying "baby."

I lowered baby into the crib, and the crying stopped instantly. Sophia let me help her lie down, cuddling baby in one arm, teddy next to her on the other side, thumb in mouth. I covered her with the blanket, yet again, and not a peep did I hear again.

She is such a sweet little Peanut, full of fun but also so sensitive and lovey. God knew she was the perfect addition to our family, and I am so full of anticipation for the next Libby baby to arrive and show his/her colors. I know Sophia will be such a good big sister, she practices constantly with baby doll!

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Anonymous said... my eyes. You're such a great writer with such a wonderful little subject! -Meagan

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