Thursday, March 17, 2011

Time to celebrate!

Today was a day to celebrate the little things that make a big impact:

~ Riding with the car windows not just cracked, but down a few inches.

~ Going to get ice cream with Sophia, and sharing her first-ever baby cone!

~ Seeing the large pile of "stuff" in our yard left over from when we cleaned out the basement in the fall reappear as the mountains of snow melt. (This is how I gauge the melt this year, so backwards!) Hmmm, guess this one is a mixed blessing, as it involves several trips to the dump later this spring.

~ Wearing flip flops! Legitimately, that is . . .

~ Feeling hot in my long sleeves.

~ Going on yet another "nature" walk with Sophia . . . we never did get much past our driveway, there is just that much more to discover today.

~ Perhaps we have filled our oil tank for the last time this winter . . . fingers crossed!

~ Listening to Sophia repeat the last word of every sentence I say, my current favorite is when she says "syrup" . . . "syr-pup."

~ Going in to see John at work on a whim, brightening his day and ours.

~ Long naps and a kiddo with a big appetite!

~ Summer squash soup and berry muffins for dinner tonight.

What brightened your day today?


Beth said...

Getting OUTSIDE! For a run by mySELF and for a walk later with the boys. :) AND outside just to play in the mud!

Hearing Ben say, "MOM, come quick!" and when I got there, he wanted to show me that Matty was hugging him. :)

Favorite dinner for 3/4 of us: pasta and meatballs and garlic bread. Everyone eats till they're ready to burst.

Ben ASKED to eat carrots today. Um?


The Frosts said...

Ooooh you are already on track for one thousand gifts! Hmm....I think Carson asking to hold Chelsea was a good one. Getting outside, playing peekaboo with the gynormous shades that our new stroller has, Carson saying "Kiss it better" when he heard that his cousin was sick.... and the grand finale....leaving the house a total mess for tomorrow b/c I am "letting go" and I'll do it tomorrow! :) Thanks for sharing your sweet list and encouraging us to do the same :)

Anonymous said...

Helping Noah and his friend distruct an old dresser as they attempted to climb up the tree in our new front yard as the first step toward a tree fort. Pushing two 8 year olds up a tree was a great upper body workout! A great run with Joanna in the sun -- in short sleeves! Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes! Yum! Bible study with my awesome ladies! Now, Laurel...I'm not so sure your flipflops are legitimate yet...but since you've worn them when it's much, much colder -- i'll let it slide!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, typo -- DEstruct. Ugh.

Carrie said...

Going for a run with a friend (wink, wink) and finishing it even though I felt like it wasn't possible.
Getting the majority of the trash out of my minivan so that it's semi-presentable for the next person brave enough to ride in it.
Sitting outside all afternoon long on the front porch and even getting hot at one point while Anna Jane played in the driveway.
Feeling like maybe Spring really is in sight for the first time!!!!!

Joanna Spotts said...

Meagan told me that her run with me was the best part of her day.

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