Thursday, July 7, 2011

38 weeks and counting . . .

Yesterday I hit week 38 of the pregnancy, so theoretically I could go into labor at any time, right?


I am a Munsell by birth, and what that equals in LaborLand is that I hope to be popping this kid out by the end of July, though if I go a full two weeks "late" then we are looking at an early August baby.

So. I decided that in order to avoid phone calls and facebook messages asking if I had the baby yet, I would write a blog post about my preferred "etiquette" of the next 2-4 weeks.

BAD: Phone rings. I drag myself off the couch to answer. "Have you popped that baby out yet?"

I have officially received my first of these calls, and while I didn't go into a pregnancy-induced homicidal rage or anything, I can imagine that I will in another couple weeks.

GOOD: Phone rings. I drag myself off the couch to answer. "I know you are feeling huge/hot/tired and have cankles, though you look great and I would never think you were even more than 6 months along and you are just glowing and did I say you look amazing? . . . but I was just wondering if you needed anything? Like a meal prepared or a friend to visit or someone to take Sophia off your hands for a bit?"

You see, the person in the "good" example still gets to find out if I have had the baby, or am in labor, etc . . . but thru being sneaky and "helpful" will not incur the wrath of a mama-to-be. But really, in this electronic age, how long do you think we could go with no one knowing another little Libby had entered the world? I am on facebook, after all!

So go ahead, people. Call for an update. Just be sure to follow the good example . . . but be forewarned, I will take you up on any offers!

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Joanna Spotts said...

What about: Someone comes up to you in church and says, "Are you having twins? You are HUGE!"

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