Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating firsts

Sometimes it seems that there aren't very many "firsts" left to celebrate with Sophia. She has reached the lofty age of (almost) two, after all. And then we have a day that reminds me of just how new to life she is, and how many firsts there are left . . . and it is a good many!

Yesterday I was trying to think of something fun to do that did not involve going outside for longer than a millisecond, and remembered that "Winnie the Pooh" was playing at the movie theater, and bonus . . . Sophia would be free, as she is still under two.

I played the preview for Sophia, and she was hooked. So hooked I had to play it thru twice, and there were still tears when I turned it off. That decided it.

Sophia and I were going to her first movie in the theater . . . "Winnie the Pooh!"

The Snuggler spent the rest of the morning playing and intermittently calling out "Pooh!" or "Pooh Bear!" Her cousin came over to play and she had to tell her of our plans for the afternoon . . . "Pooh!" Then we had to eat a good lunch so we could go see "Pooh Bear!"

Soon enough it was 12:15, time to leave for the movie. Animal crackers and raisins hidden in diaper bag, check. Water bottles stashed for both of us, check. Teddy bear (not Pooh) to take into theater, check.

After being held up by a train for EIGHT minutes, we did make it to the theater at exactly 12:40, when the show was due to start. It was already dark when we made our way into theater #5, and that was when I started to worry that perhaps this was not such a good idea.

Because Sophia immediately started saying "all done . . . all done" and turning to leave, while whimpering a little bit.

Mean Mommy carried the Snuggler into the theater and found seats for us (there were all of five other people there to see the show) and then crossed fingers that she would settle into liking the experience.

Previews are usually my favorite part of the movie, but it's different when you have a little Peanut on your lap who keeps making unhappy noises and saying "Pooh . . . Pooh Bear . . . " Three or four previews later the animation short about Nessie the Loch Ness Monster came on, and Sophia started to get into it. No more sniffing, no more talk of going home.

And then the movie started.

Sophia was completely sprawled out on my lap, just taking it all in. Every time a new character came on the screen or something exciting happened, she would call "Yay!" and wave both arms vigorously, as though sure they could see her. She was enthralled, and spent the first 45 minutes in a Pooh-Bear-stupor.

At that point some of the novelty wore off, and the only scary point in the movie was happening, but we talked thru it and Sophia did decide to stay instead of "Home, home."

No more sitting still in Mama's lap, though . . . the Snuggler turned anti-snuggling and wanted to climb all over the two seats next to us. I don't know what weight holds the seat down, but our little Peanut does not meet it yet. So I helped hold the seat down as she clambered around, until she decided that she would like to stand up in the end seat instead of sitting. Turns out she fits perfectly (minus shoes) between the back and upright seat. And from there Sophia viewed the rest of the movie.


Of course all good things must come to an end, but Sophia did not want to leave when the movie was over. The waterworks turned on a little bit then, and she had to be comforted with the reminder that we were headed to pick up Aunt Mallory.

Fun times were had by all . . . the only thing that would have made it better was if Dada could have come too. What was the most fun for this mama? Seeing the Snuggler react so HUGELY to everything. The whole experience was new, and she went thru a whole range of emotions from fear to joy to CRAZY joy to sadness in an hour and a half flat.


Here's to the many more firsts that are yet to come!


Elaine said...

I love this post!!! What joy in life there is when you can truly get caught up in the emotion of a "first" time experience. I also love the movie viewing position- looks very secure and safe :)

I'm happy that you got to share this special time with Sophia before a new little one enters your lives.

Congrats Mom on a very special day! :)
Elaine M.

Beth said...

Awwww! SO cute. I love the full range of emotions. Firsts are so fun! We just took Ben to Cars 2, which was his first - and I had forgotten about all the details, too. "Oh, uh, Ben? It's gonna be dark in there." He says, "THEY TURN THE LIGHTS OFF??" Um... yeah. Ha ha! And then he kept asking, "Is THIS the movie?" for each preview. So much to explain!!

Oh, and with regard to the weight requirement? Ben *barely* met it himself, and was half sandwiched in the seat. And he tips the scales at ...37, 38 pounds? Something like that? So yeah. But I think Soph is adorable between the... in the middle of the... whatever. However she was. It was cute! Love her shirt, too!

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