Friday, July 15, 2011


I can finally see why some couples start calling each other "Mom" and "Dad" in front of the kiddos, though I still refuse to. Sophia has renamed John and me . . . instead of calling John "Dada" or "Daddy," she likes to call him "Dohn."

Me? I am most often called "Honey," though she occasionally switches it up to "Seetheart." That one is less common and is tough to get on video, so "Honey" it is. Really it's when she wants something that she calls me honey. She'll come over to me and say "Storytime, honey!" or "Snack, honey!" . . . or in the case of the beginning of this video "Fruit, honey!"

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Beth said...

Ha ha ha, so cute! Matt will occasionally call Josh "Dosh" or me "Bess" (especially if one of us has just called to the other from another room or something) ... but it's BEN who calls me "Sweetie" or "baby," which KILLS me. Love it! :)

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