Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spontaneous craftiness

I had big plans for Sophia's naptime today . . . writing a blog post and resting on the couch with a good book or an episode from Season 7 of Project Runway. Then I got home, put Sophia to bed, and got inspired. (Though I guess I did end up doing the blog post . . .)

My bedside lamp has some sort of electrical ghost that turns it back on at random in the middle of the night, unless I unplug it. Kind of a bummer when you are 9 months pregnant and have to either get down on hands and knees to plug in or out, or put up with possible extra mid-night wakenings.

I have had a lamp in my basement that my sister gave me instead of putting it in the trash, and I've made various plans for it . . . the kid's bedroom, our bedroom, etc., but had yet to do anything with it. Then today I was thinking that I was feeling crafty, and as my friend Joanna reminded me . . . "I would rather work on what I want to, instead of what NEEDS to be done."

There has been a lot of doing what needs to be done around here lately, and not much "what I want to." So, today I refurbished a lamp. Granted, it is a bit makeshift, as I only had one spray paint color option on hand (guess that is not really an "option," then), and only two colors of ribbon. But it was fun, won't turn on at random, and looks better than I expected!




Time for some math to figure out what to cut for fabric . . . and it worked out! Whew!


Here's my one color of spray paint! Won't be short on drama . . .


I was going to use spray adhesive . . . glad I used a piece of test fabric first, because it leaked thru a brown color! Time to go back to the hot glue gun, which worked great.


Ribbon to cover where the fabric meets up. My only other ribbon was brown and pink!


And after! Note to self, tape the cord a bit further out next time I spray paint . . .


Get your craft on, people!!! And make it something you WANT to do!


Joanna Spotts said...


Rob Frost said...

you may have inspired to get some fabric and ribbon that I like to cover mine. I like my base...hmmmm...

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