Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nesting much?

A few weeks ago, I took the opportunity of some down time at work to jot down a list of "to do" items that I wanted to get done before the baby comes. Some items have been checked off, like "finish baby quilt (finished at 38 weeks, 1 day!), make puppy ears, pick strawberries and can jam, organize baby clothes, have Sophia's birthday parties, and get together the rest of the birthing supplies," along with several other items.


You wouldn't think that such a little quilt would be such a time-sucking endeavor, would you? Ha!

It is.


If you would like to know when the hottest days of summer are going to be, just ask me when I am going to be canning.

Other tasks are partially done . . . organizing the basement, working on Sophia's babybook (almost two years old and I am finally putting in pictures!), and stocking the freezer with post-baby meals.

Then there are the tasks that I think of at random that should be on the list, so I go ahead and do them . . . and then add them to the list so I can check them off! These include organizing the den/craft room, sewing a torn sheet, and cleaning the bathroom (Thank you, John! He even changed the hand towel, what a guy!).

All this to say that I have learned the secret to success when attempting to complete a massive list like this one. It comes in the shape of my 12 year old sister Mallory, who is working toward becoming the BEST BABYSITTER EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

The last few weeks Mal has come over to spend a whole 24 hours here each week, and she is uber-good with Sophia. Not to mention fun to be around! And Sophia adores her. I can get thru my list like gangbusters when she is here. I am so sorry for anyone who does not have a sister 17+ years younger than you . . . you are missing out! Common question when Mallory spends the night: "Do you want to sleep in? I can get Sophia up."

Um, hello?!

Actually haven't taken her up on that one lately, but I sure have in the past when Sophia was getting up at the crack of dawn!

This week is camp week. Mallory headed off to camp on Sunday and won't be back until Saturday. I have decided that I hate camp week. And that there will be no going into labor until at least this weekend (which would still be early, so not much chance of it anyway). Not only because Harry Potter is opening Friday, but because we need to have Mallory here to be one of Sophia's people when I am in labor. I mean, the girl knows Sophia's medication schedule!

So hurry up, camp week. It is only Tuesday and I am already so over you.


Sneaky picture taken from just inside the front door, Sophia and Mallory doing one of the Snuggler's favorite activities, drawing with sidewalk chalk. "Chalk, Mama, chalk? Chalk?"


Rob Frost said...

BEST PICTURE OF YOU and the QUILT! I love it...and this post. I'm working on finding one of these people. Actually I've found one...but she's at dad's house this week, but her mom supplied me with 3 other helpers! And then my husband came now I don't need to actually pay a helper! I'm glad you inspired me on this whole mothers helper thing...I would have never thought of it

Rob Frost said...

oops...that was not from Rob Frost, but his wife who apparently is logged in to his account ;)

Beth said...

What a wonderful sister that Mallory is!! I need a younger sister... :)

Quilt looks great and so do YOU!

Can't wait to see you and Baby Libby!

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