Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hat fun

With the arrival of spring weather, I decided to get started making Sophia some hats for the summer. I found a pattern at JoAnn's (on sale for a dollar!) that has patterns for nine different hats in sizes XS to XL. Then Phia (thanks, Connor) and I headed to the Quiltessentials to get some quality fabric.

Last night I cut out the pattern pieces and fabric but because you can make so many different hats (in a variety of sizes) from one pattern, I decided not to cut out the actual pattern. Instead I traced it onto other paper in the size I wanted to make. That way the pattern is intact for when her head grows or I want to make a different kind of hat. Easiest way to trace was to tape the pattern on a glass door, tape paper to trace onto over it, and voila!

This morning I sewed it together, and then we had a photo shoot before lunch. Phia was a very good sport.

And here's the first hat!

This picture doesn't show the hat as well, but I had to include it because it is my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Love the model (of course!), the hat, and the, oh, so subtle color coordinated diaper wrap in the last photo.

Clever pattern stretching techniques...

Looks like you may have a winner boutique item, sew, sew!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, that is ADORABLE! I LOVE it! And I love how it coordinates with that day's BG. :)

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