Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Goons in purple dresses

Today I finally got around to doing something I've been promising Sophia for months . . . making dress-up clothes out of my wedding gown slip.  I tried selling it on craigslist, but really, who buys a wedding gown slip on craigslist?  No one.

Instead of then attempting to get rid of it on e-bay, I decided to invest in some purple RIT dye and stock the dress-up trunk with a couple skirts.

Skirt #1 is a purple Cinderella skirt, while #2 is more of a gypsy skirt.  They were both pretty simple to make . . . I just tore apart the outer and inner layers with my seam ripper, cut them to the appropriate length, and folded over the top to make a sleeve for the elastic waist.  On skirt #1 I sewed straight up from the bottom toward the top for 6 inches, then gathered it tightly to make the flounces.  Eight flounces, and done!



You may not know this, but Sophia is the most uncooperative model EVER.  She decided she was asleep, and there was no convincing her otherwise. 




I love how I have about 27 photos of Z holding the exact same pose while Sophia and A were being wild (before Sophia just ran off altogether).


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