Monday, January 28, 2013

Love at First Life

It is wonderful to come home to a family that loves you . . . house tidy, kitchen clean, laundry washed, and kiddos with HUGE hugs waiting for their mama.  And if that were not enough, a loving husband who wrote me a song over the weekend, while taking amazing care of the Snuggler and Cuddler.  Being serenaded as a welcome home?  I am blessed.

Love at First Life

We weren’t high school sweethearts,
didn’t grow up in the same town.
No scrawling on your class notebook,
never wrote our initials down.

We met only later on and
it’s been so much more than like.

It’s been love, love at first life. 
We’ve seen our share of struggle,
pain, and had our differences.
No place for that in a world
of princes and princesses.

When the castle falls, the cliché’s
true: my closest friend’s my wife.

We’re living love, love at first life.

And I, I tried to plan this in my head.        
But I ran around in circles till I wore out every tread.

And I, I see you lying next to me
And know the life I live with you is just as it should be.

More lives have come into our home
and they look just like you.
I see the love you have for them
it only grows my love for you.

When I look at them I see your face
 a beauty I recognize.

I see love, love at first life.
I see love, love at first life.

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