Monday, January 7, 2013

Hagar and Ishmael


This is a picture of my very normal breakfast eating toddler.  Note: fully clothed, busily stuffing his face.


Now this is a picture my other breakfasting toddler.  Or is 3 1/2 not a toddler anymore?  Anyway, I didn't even notice she was naked because that is her norm (except for underpants . . . that's our rule) until I went to post a pic.  And then there is the oatmeal that she begged me to make for her, pretty much ignored.  Like mother like daughter, reading while eating . . . and what is the book she is glued in?  Her toddler Bbile.  LOVE that she wants us to read it to her 24/7, but her complete fixation on all things Bible story is making for some weird times around here.

Like today's Hagar and Ishmael saga.  (By Sophia's reckoning, Hagar is pronounced " 'Agar," like, "Have any bacteria grown on the agar?"  No convincing her otherwise.)

"I'm Hagar, and Jude is Ishmael.  Come on, Ishmael, let's go."

Jude traded off his role with Zuzu when she came over to hang out, and then promptly became Ishmael again as soon as afternoon naps were over.

"Did Sarah die?"  The first of a series of awkward questions that I didn't quite know how to answer . . . or at least, how much detail to give.  Like, does Sophia need to know that Sarah was quite alive and that the whole Hagar having Abraham's baby was her idea?  Mmmm, don't think so.

"Ishmael and Hagar are having some Fig Newtons!  They are cookies!"

We finished up dinner tonight with figgy goodness and Sophia was thrilled to learn that Hagar and Ishmael had probably eaten figs in their diet.


Then there was the weirdest part of the Hagar and Ishmael saga.  A silly putty sculpture of the mother and son duo.  And Sophia was very specific . . . "They are holding hands, and I just put their boobs and belly buttons on."

Hagar and Ishmael just finished up their bedtime bath and are all tucked in for the night.  But already plans are in the works for Sarah and Isaac to pay us a visit tomorrow.

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