Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today has been a fun day . . . a combo of friends and crafting, which is always a good mix.  My friend brought with her a tutorial for a nifty no-sew bag that you put together with staples(!) and duct tape(!!).  An introduction to the Fabric Warehouse and stop by Walmart later and we were off and running.

Except that we decided to make our own straps instead of using webbing, so that was just a wee bit of sewing.  And then my straps were just a lil' bit too bulky to be attached to the bag with staples, so out came the machine again.  And then the top of the bag needed a tiny little reinforcement, so . . . you guessed it.  But then I promise I stapled the rest of it, duct taped a whole bunch, and voila!

Except then I realized that the straps were a little floppy and tugging at the duct tape, so I decided to do an eensie bit of hand sewing to tack them down.



And now for the fun news.  One of my faithful blog followers will win this bag in a drawing on February 1st!  Entering couldn't be easier . . . if you are already a follower of my blog you will automatically be entered, and if you aren't then just click "follow" on the top left and do as the instructions say.  One lucky follower will win the most-sewed no-sew bag ever!

Want to make this bag on your own?  All you need is a piece of 20x36 inch fabric, a stapler (a sturdier one than mine, hopefully), webbing for a handle, and some duct tape (we used white).  Follow the tutorial here, and then you can console yourself if you don't win my bag by making one of your own.

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