Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bathroom floor

I don't have much juice left today for this post.  I have been on my hands and knees pulling up the old bathroom floor and putting down a new one . . . for 10 hours.  Not sure how anyone's knees hold up to do that on a daily basis . . .

When I pulled up the old nasty carpet in dressing area of our bathroom, I discovered old nasty linoleum.  Not even linoleum.  A weird cardboard and paper contraption, glossed to look like linoleum.  Imitation linoleum.  Why?!

I decided to put down more of what was already in the main part of the bathroom.  One problem.  Several trips to both Lowe's and Home Depot, as well as a call to the manufacturer, proved that our particular variety of vinyl tile is no longer made.  Grrr.

Several more trips to both our local big box stores and I had 100 square feet of new vinyl tile, ready to go.  The one I chose was very close to the tile we had, but different enough that I had just decided to do it all.  Someday when we sell our house, I don't want to have to do it all over again to make sure they really do match.

Why vinyl tile?

As anyone with an old house knows, doing anything more than minor cosmetic changes can prove costly.  In order to put real tile in our bathroom at this point, we would have to rip out our entire floor, which would involve taking down the wall that separates the main bathroom from the closet/dressing room area, etc.  Soon we would end up with an entire bathroom reno, complete with a giant price tag.  I'll take the $.88 per square foot vinyl tile, thank you very much, and save my dream floor for my dream house.


Pulling up the old tiles. VERY sticky business!


See, the new (on left) is very like the old (on right) . . . the new has a lot more beige, and less gray.


Perhaps I should just keep the beautiful wannabe linoleum . . .


Last old tile up!


Wherever old tile had been was incredibly sticky . . . Jude walked onto it in his socks, and when John picked him up they pulled right off!

The reveal is coming, I just need to get a couple more projects done. Soon! And goodnight!


Beth said...

How do you still look so pretty after 10 hours of such nonsense?? :) Maybe it's the glow of satisfaction that you're DONE!

I can feel a project coming on. You have inspired me! I have been wanting to paint my closet white since we moved in... our bedroom was green with yellow trim *gag*, and we painted that right away. Just never bothered with the closet! When we redid each of the boys' rooms, we painted their closets with white enamel (good for scrubbing!) and I have been jealous ever since. :)

swedisheik said...

Beth - painting the inside of your closets is enormously satisfying because it is a small thing only you will notice. Do it!

Laurel. I love the cost effectiveness of vinyl tile. I hate peeling and laying it. We had the same problem in our kitchen - they no longer make our tile (we put it in the first year we moved, and the ten-year-warranty tiles have lasted...five years. Is it the four kids? The portable dishwasher? I want my money back!). So I picked something similar and have been replacing them one and two at a time for the past several months. I have grown to live with the checker print, but maybe when I go into high gear nesting I will dive in and finish the job...

I want to see the after!

Laurel said...

Thanks, Beth! I'm glad I could inspire you to get the closet done, sounds like a satisfying project.

Laura, we have the same "tile" in our kitchen, and it has been getting quite worn where we have the stools. So I saved some of the whole tiles from the bathroom, and when we ever decide to sell this place I'll replace them. Not until then, because I only have so many of this pattern left!

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