Saturday, February 23, 2013


A mom friend of mine summed it up . . . "Life gets busy.  We get used to not seeing each other, and then forget how much we need our friends."

It's kind of like cooking a lobster.  If all of a sudden you moved across the country and couldn't see your friends and family after visiting with them every day, you would feel that absence terribly.  But when life gets busy and you slowly lose touch with one friend, and then another, and another, their absence isn't as noticeable.  With the advent of facebook, you don't even realize that you have switched real flesh and blood for the occasional electronic exchange.

Until one day when you look up and realize that your existence has become so isolated it's like you live on another planet.

I have been enjoying my non-resolution to be more purposeful in my relationships.  Reconnecting has been good all the way around . . . it improves my lookout on life, refuels me to be more patient with the kids, and gives me an appreciation for this life God has given us.  I feel energized, and am reminded that there is more going on than my kids, my husband, my life, my problems . . .

Today I had a spur-of-the-moment visit with an old friend.  Is there anything better than old friends?  All friends are wonderful in their own way, but those friends you have had as long as you can remember are special.  They have seen you at your best and worst, and still love you.  Doesn't get much better than that.  There isn't the effort to impress, and if conversation lags it's okay.  It's nice to just be together.

Jude has been lethargic and sickly for a the past 24 hours with a fever and the occasional puke.  He hasn't wanted to do much except for hang out on me when awake, so out came the Moby.  You know what the litmus test is for who constitutes an "old friend?"

If you tell them your kid has the pukes, but they can come on over.  And they do, and you have a sink full of dishes and your hair is a wee bit crazy, but neither of you care.  There's no need to run around cleaning when you get the "I'm on my way!" text.  Instead, you keep sipping your coffee and eating your noontime breakfast cookie(s).  And let your hair be crazy.  And sink full.  And then you have a wonderful visit, cranky sick baby in the Moby and all.

I'm going to keep this reconnecting thing going right into the evening by sitting down with my hubs to watch a movie.  Who knows, we might even pause it every now and then to *gasp* . . . talk!  "Date night in" . . . we haven't been seeing much of each other between his work, my work, and 'oft sick children.

Here's to saying an in-person hello (not facebook!) . . . cheers!

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