Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Last week was kind of a crap fest.  I tried not to complain too much, but being on the phone with tech support in India for several hours a day was kind of draining.  Add in that I still couldn't get my computer and running watch that I got for Christmas to communicate, and I was pretty much ready to throw all electronics out the window.

This week has been a breath of fresh air.  My cell phone is up and running, I haven't had to talk to India since Saturday, and with a final software update today my watch and computer are finally talking to each other.  Funny how unmoored you can feel without a cell phone, when really, they are a relatively new addition to our modern life.

Today has been a good day for counting my blessings, and really noticing those things that brighten the day and make me laugh.

Firstly, I am happy to report that it seems Sophia is going to take after her mother and grandmother with the decorating gene.  As we were pulling into the driveway tonight, she told me "Wow, that's yellow (*the house*).  I think we probably need to paint the house."

"Why do we need to paint the house?"

"Because the rest of it is blue!"

Yes, the foundation is still blue.  I ran out of steam last fall, and didn't get it painted the cream color that we painted the trim.  This year!

Earlier today Sophia felt that the dining room chairs needed a little something extra, so she brought all four couch pillows in to decorate.  They get her up to just the right height!


We have been listening to the Prince of Egypt soundtrack all day, everyday (hooray, it replaced George!), so of course Sophia and Jude are now Moses and Aaron.  With an occasional Miriam and Princess of Egypt for good measure.  Today Sophia made "the Egyptians" some food.


The tears came out in full force when Jude destroyed the "food" several hours after I took the picture (she specially requested I take a pic . . .).  Destructo Boy!

Then there was the general craziness.  Sophia loves having me take her picture at the moment, and she likes to pose.  These are not Plain Jane poses, either . . . no, Sophia is Fancy Nancy all the way!






It's a little bit hard to capture Jude's happy moments these days.  Two reasons . . . he is usually crying if I am not holding him (flashbacks to newborn times!) and when I do try to take his picture, it ends up being a picture of him running at me for a hug or because he wants to see the picture.  I have captured lots of giant-toddler-dome-two-inches-from-the-camera-lens pictures lately.

But today I sort of got a picture of Jude . . . first of these adorable little rainboots I found for $8 at Mardens (Sophia has some with pink and white stripes and pink ladybugs, so cute!!!  Yes, there are still lots left at the Lewiston Mardens.), then an actual pic of Jude.  Made me smile, so here it is!



Time to go make some cheese nachos with peach salsa and sour cream.  Mmmm, I'm smiling (and drooling) already!

What's been making you smile this week?


Beth said...

Haha, were you calling out, "WORK IT, WORK IT!" to Sophia as she posed? Hilarious!!

Janeen said...

Did you really say cheese nachos with PEACH JAM and sour cream? I can't quite wrap my brain around that taste.

Laurel said...

Too funny, J! SALSA, I mean!

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