Monday, February 25, 2013


As the mother of 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year olds, I feel like there is a certain amount of craziness that I have to allow.  Sophia invents new dangerous games on a daily basis, so I figure I need to let her have at it with the lesser of many evils.

So we allow jumping off the couch.  Onto cushions, and mostly just under supervision.  (Not under supervision = when I walk into the living room and find Sophia quietly jumping on her own, with a carefully constructed cushion pile.)  No jumping on the couch itself . . . I don't think my $125 craigslist special would stand up to that for long.

There are some boundaries to the craziness.  You want to have a screaming contest with your brother?  In the living room, please, not in the kitchen where I am.  Time to run around the house like banshees?  Do it quietly.  At least when you come thru wherever I am.

Hmm.  I guess my boundaries mostly have to do with noise.  Climbing on the furniture is sort-of ok, but I am not a big fan of high volume accompanying said climbing.

I guess I mostly figure they are going to climb and run and be crazy, so why bother being bothered.  I have other battles I prefer to fight . . . everyone has to choose their battles!  I would rather fight the "clean up your toys" or "set the table" or "be polite" battles instead.  Otherwise I would end up having to put the kid in timeout 20 times a day for jumping, and Jude would be right there behind her.

Welcome to Crazytown!

As I write this it's "naptime," and I hear suspicious jumping sounds coming from Sophia's room . . . no holes have been bashed in the walls, though, and there haven't been any broken bones (knock on wood), so I pretty much just pretend not to hear it.  Naptime is too sacred for me to interrupt it with refereeing!  Lest you are fooled into thinking that I am Uber Zen Mama, let me tell you that there are plenty of times I do nip the crazy in the bud . . . one can only take so much crazy per day, after all!

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