Sunday, February 17, 2013

Non-resolution resolving

I'm not much for New Year's Resolutions.  I pretty much flunk at keeping them, and don't like to set myself up for failure.  There are a few things that I have decided to try to do on a more regular basis this year.  Please note, they are NOT resolutions, but just a few "I think I'll try to __________" ideas.  Maybe it's lame to need an out, but this way I won't be all judge-y on myself if I flunk again.

1.  Making the bed.  I never have been good about making the bed, but as it takes up a full 50% of our room, it really does make a difference in how tidy things look.  A made bed can trick the eye to think the room is tidier than it is!  Plus, I have to make the bed before climbing in at night . . . heaven forbid the blankets not be even, my Type A self can NOT deal with that.  I have accidentally punched John in the nose more than once making the bed with the two of us in it.  In my defense, once my contacts are out I can see nothing, so it's really his fault for sitting up while I was pulling up the covers.  I would say I'm about 3-1 right now, with making the bed in the lead.

2.  Flossing my teeth.  Having had a cavity filled recently, I decided that I was going to crack down.  I figure if I floss my teeth every night between appointments, and still manage to have a new cavity at my next appointment, then it really won't be my fault.  So far I am about 6-1, flossing most nights of the week.  That dental hygienist will not have any reason to yell at me in July!

3.  Planning out the week's dinner menu in advance.  EPIC FAIL.  Not much to say about this one, except that I'm just not there right now.  But I have the intention to get there, and in the meantime, I am making sure that our whole family gets their leafy greens, whole grains, dairy, a variety of fruit, and not too much sugar.  It's just more on the fly than my goal.

4.  Cutting down my sugar intake.  Speaking of not eating too much sugar.  Ahem.  I would be the culprit in our house on this one.  I'm not sure if I should be ashamed or proud of the fact that I use to down a pound of gummies at a time in college.  How could I not, with the magical Wegman's candy aisle right around the corner, where every candy you could imagine was available to buy in bulk?  I don't eat gummies in those quantities anymore, but am pretty sure any reasonable person would consider the amount of sugar I consume "too much."  EPIC FAIL!

5.  Be more intentional to get together/communicate with friends.  I basically dropped off the grid last year, but now that I have texting on my phone I'm pretty sure this one will be easier to keep.  I have at least one playdate a week scheduled this month!

Those are the ones I have actually thought thru more than once in the last month and a half.  John and I have goals for our family that are separate, but these are my little not-quite-resolutions that I am attempting to do something with this year.  I do have to say, as far as my sugar intake goes, I had some super yummy carrot cake and ice cream at a birthday party tonight, and then DID NOT have a second dessert when I got home.  Which may seem obvious to you, but there is a half gallon of Green Monster Mint ice cream in our freezer that is calling my name.  And I did not respond!  So maybe it's not such an epic fail after all.

Anyone else have any non-resolutions?

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