Monday, February 4, 2013

Bathroom time!

This morning my thought life was pretty productive.  By the time I ran and showered, I had completely planned out next month's road trip, and also decided that it was time to finally paint the hallway, stairs, and bathroom.  Today.  And tomorrow.  How could I get such a big paint project done in so little time?

Call in the reinforcements.

I happen to know that my mom is just as big of a sucker for a good makeover as I am, and also that she has some pillows that need sewing.  I called her up, and after a little negotiating we decided I will be making covers for her dining room chairs, and she is helping me paint.  Day 1: the trim in hallway, stairway, and bathroom is done.  (Including the devilish banister/railing that runs along the top of our stairs . . . talk about tedious!)  Tomorrow we'll be on to the walls . . . so here's a little sneak peek at the "before" and some bits and pieces that will be making the "after" happen!




It was so exciting to pull up the carpet in the dressing room portion of the bathroom tonight . . . one too many accidents has happened on that carpet.  (TMI?)  Now to get vinyl tiles that match the rest of the bathroom and a moveable/washable area rug.  As well as some new cabinet door pulls, outlet plates, towels, and window/closet coverings (lots and lots of white muslin!).  More to come on the makeover!

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swedisheik said...

That "after" is just a teaser, girl! C'mon!

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