Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random thoughts of growing children

I was looking back thru my blog archive today, and came across this post about playing "Monster" with Sophia when she was a little younger than Jude is now.  I always think of Jude and Sophia as being such different little people, but I guess they have both gone thru some of the same stages.  "Monster" has morphed into "Chase," and the Snuggler and Cuddler both love to play.  They run around the circle of our living room, dining room, and kitchen, laughing wildly as I chase them, growling and grabbing at them.

Jude is still terribly slow compared to his big sister, and does more laughing than running.  I mimicked his flailing run a couple nights ago when we played "Chase," and he and Sophia both thought it was pretty hysterical.  I remember when I used to compare Sophia's run to that of Jack Sparrow . . . now Jude has the Jack Sparrow run and Sophia's is a little more grown up.

Both kids LOVE it when I hide around a corner and jump out with a roar just as they come dashing into the room.  Sophia will actually order me to scare her, and then is legitimately surprised 10 seconds later when I pop out.

Lately I've been bemoaning the fact that Jude has gone back to his old clingy self, and loves to be with me all the time.  Not just with me, but attached to me.

I was thinking about that today, though, and realized that Sophia actually went thru this phase, too.  Not so much physically clingy, but I remember a short little time around 18 months that she would cry when I took her down to nursery at church or left the house to run errands.

Now Sophia has suddenly turned into a little girl.  I noticed it sometime this week, when her slightly younger cousin was over.  I have been thinking of her as a toddler for so long, but it just struck me that she really wan't a toddler anymore.  I'm not sure exactly what it was that hit me, but I mentioned it to John and he said he had noticed, too.  Something about her attitude, or growing ability to reason, or maybe the surprising things that come out of her mouth.  Somehow she just seems so grown up.

I'm a little bit bothered by the whole thing.  I don't really want her to move into the next stage yet, but don't have a way to stop time.  It's not that I want to have a toddler daughter for posterity, but I'm just not sure I'm ready to deal with little girl issues . . . seems more complicated then what we have had going on till now.

"Chase" is still as popular as ever.  I don't know when you outgrow that one.  I guess as long as Buddy Boy wants to play Sophia probably will too.  Watching these two kids grow and change and morph into real little people makes me glad for this blog.  I'm glad to be able to go back and remember what was, and see how Sophia and Jude are alike but distinct in their own ways.  My memory is too poor to rely on.

I'd like to say that looking back has made me feel nostalgic and appreciative of the stage Jude is at, but I had a migraine today and am mostly feeling tired.  I know I'll miss it when he isn't his clingy little self (though I don't think any future missing will induce a desire for a #3, so don't get any ideas), but sometimes knowing a thing doesn't necessarily translate into action.

Tomorrow is a new day.  I'm sure we'll be playing chase, and having big girl conversations (because Sophia carries on REAL conversations now . . . crazy!), and dealing with clingy Jude.  And I won't have a migraine, and will have a nice cup of coffee in hand, and I'm sure I'll have a more positive outlook on change and more appreciation for where things are now and are going in the future.

I guess this post is more like a journal entry than anything else.  No particular "beginning, middle, end" as a well-rounded essay might have.  But it's what I have been thinking about, and as this blog is my "journal" I'm going to go with it.

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